Really Sprint, Really!

Ok, so that brand new Samsung Trender that I just got in the mail has one little flaw. The phone works fine, but when I call people I can only hear them on speaker phone. This was a big enough inconvenience that I decided to pay the Sprint store in West Lafayette a little visit. Since it was my brand new phone sent to me under warranty they were happy to fix the problem for free, only they didn’t. The lady at the Sprint store failed to fix it and told me to just call the number for the Protection Plan and another phone would be shipped to me, simple enough. However, after I left the store I noticed that my phone was even more destroyed than when I brought it in. The lady who was supposedly “fixing” my phone completely ruined it. The pixels on the screen were all messed up and now whenever I went to slide the phone to text, the whole screen went black. Out of furry I visited the Sprint store again the next day to demand a new phone. Of course there were no Samsung Trenders in stock. Now, this was a Friday meaning they wouldn’t be able to get me a new phone shipped till the following Monday, or so they said. I was angry but that was the only option. At least they were kind enough to give me an old, beat down Razor to get by for the weekend. Except the only problem was that the phone was a huge piece of shit, pardon my language. On top of that they were only able to give me a car charger for the phone. This “loner” phone died every half hour and was clearly abused in the past. Of course, Monday roles around and my phone is still not ready to be picked up. Finally, by Tuesday I was able to go pick my new phone up from the store.

Once satisfied by Sprint’s customer service, I am now appalled. I guess my MGMT 323 professor was correct about service variability. Some Sprint employees are great while others truly suck. But hey what can you do. For now Sprint is back in the dog house for me and I don’t see them getting out anytime soon.


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