Sprint’s Excellent Customer Service

A helpful tip to anyone that is ever doing laundry, check the pockets first! My mother recently decided to spontaneously wash my ski jacket. Unbeknownst to her my cell phone was in that jacket. I’m sure you can guess what happened to the phone. Now I had the unfortunate task of taking my phone to the Sprint store. I was honest with store manager, Steven and while I wasn’t able to get a new phone for free, even though mine was two weeks old, Sprint did have another option for me. Steven offered that I sign up for the Protection Plan offered to all Sprint customers, his logic being that with this plan I could come in the following day and get a new phone for free because it would be protected. Ecstatic not to have to pay almost $250 for a new phone I quickly signed up for the Protection Plan. The following day I arrived at the Sprint store, spoke with Steven about my broken phone and next thing I knew there was a new one being mailed to me, and it only cost a $50 deductible and $8 for the monthly Protection Plan. Now I know what you are thinking, but I can cancel this plan anytime I want to avoid paying additional fees every month. Two days later my brand new Samsung Trender arrived in the mail.

So, there you have it. Due to the kindness and thoughtfulness of one Sprint employee I was left satisfied. He could have charged me for a whole new phone but he didn’t. He found a loop hole in the system and told me about it. His persistence to help me out knowing that my phone was merely two weeks old was nothing short of fantastic customer service. I am now very pleased with my phone provider and am glad I am with Sprint!


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