Dick’s Last Resort

I recently expressed my great appreciation for paying only a quarter for a bottle of beer.  I would now like to focus on my frustration for paying six dollars for a bottle of beer. Last Friday I was in Chicago at Dick’s Last Resort. Its the kind of place where the staff makes fun of you and treats you like shit, so I was already a little uneasy. However, after seeing the prices at the bar I became very uneasy. I spent six dollars on a bottle of beer and I wasn’t even at a bar! Whats more, the bartender gave be a shitty look when I tipped him only a dollar.

I do not understand why a bottle of beer that you could buy for less than a dollar at a liquor store costs so much in the city. If only one place would take a stand and offer liquor and beer at a cheap/affordable price than I think they could dominate the market share. I don’t think I can afford to go to Chicago and drink for quite awhile, I think I’ll stay here in West Lafayette and drink cheap.



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