Where Else Can You Buy Quarter Beers?

So last week Wednesday was my 21st birthday! Which means that this week Monday was my first Quarter Bottles at Where Else bar. After paying a $3 cover charge you can purchase Busch light for 25 cents, Miller/Coors for 50 cents, and 18 ounce bottles for 75 cents. I couldn’t believe how packed the place was. From experience and talking with friends, Where Else is normally dead during the week. However, with these great deals on alcohol, how can a broke college student resist? I don’t normally find myself in Where Else but you better believe that after drinking six beers for $1.50 I will be accruing some quarters every Monday and walking over to the bar.

What a brilliant tactic from Where Else bar. There is a lot of competition among the campus bars. Most nights other bars steal the spotlight from Where Else but with these unbelievable deals, they have found their night and are reaping the benefits.Image


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