Product Placement

I was currently watching one of my favorite Mike Myers movies entitled “Wayne’s World”. About half way through the movie Wayne held of a Pepsi, advertised it, and drank it. This notion was clearly mocking product placement in movies but it got me thinking. How prevalent is product placement in our lives. I would argue that we are incredibly influenced by this genius advertising method. When we see our favorite celebrities using certain products in our favorite movies, we are naturally inclined to follow their lead. Products brand themselves through product placement. Consequently, we brand ourselves through the product brands that we purchase. I think it is cool to drink Pepsi cause Wayne did it in Wayne’s world. We are constantly bombarded with product placement. It is now in everything we watch, we cannot escape it. 

I believe it is important to have a mind of our own and not let others decide what is cool for us. We are all unique and special individuals. Buy a product because deep down its what you want, not because it was trendy in a movie or your favorite celebrity has it. It is our duty as free American citizens to brand ourselves and not let corporate America do the branding for us.


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