Who Knew Chili Tasted So Good!

Yesterday I stumbled into the School House of Chili for the very first time. Upon entering I was instantly greeted by the owner himself. Dawson proceeded to tell me all about how they make their chili and what they offer. Friendly and outgoing, the owner really left an impression on me. Not only did he let me, but he encouraged me to sample all their different types of chili to see which one I liked the best. When I told him I didn’t quite have enough money to buy a meal right then he let me have one anyways and told me to pay him back later! I went there today to pay him back for my meal and due to his genuine kindness I purchased another. I was also given a NCAA Sweet 16 bracket to fill out to potentially win $500 or an IPad 2!!!

When I think of great customer service, my mind now races back to the instance at School House of Chili. This owner took the time to personally get to know me and sell me on his product. I’m not the biggest fan of chili but I can guarantee you I will be back to visit Dawson and School House of Chili. The lesson here is that customers respond extremely positively to genuine kindness. People want to be treated like human beings, not just another customer in the long line of customers. It goes a long way and I can guarantee you that with a good product to back it up, repeat business is inevitable. Image


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