I recently shopped at WALMART to purchase my groceries. How convenient it was to find absolutely every item of food that I was looking for in a timely fashion. Every food category is specifically labeled and visible from anywhere in the store. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and eager to help you find and purchase their products. Whats more, there are over 15 different checkout counters to help customers purchase their items and be on their way. I walked out of WALMART having spent only $47.26 with enough food to last me up to three weeks! 

Here is a company that dominates the market share. As a consumer I am extremely satisfied every time I step into a WALMART store. They understand their consumers through their variety of products, convenience, and low prices. What better place is there to shop for a college student who is not used to grocery shopping. I always choose WALMART first to fulfill many of my needs. 


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