For those of you who don’t know, HungryBoiler is a consolidated real time menu guide catered to the West Lafayette and Lafayette area. While sifting through this website I was able to see all of the restaurants that were open as well as their contact information. It even allowed me the choice of cuisine to help narrow down my search. Today, I purchased a large Papa Johns pizza through this website for $4.50! The site gave me the opportunity to receive delivery or go in for takeout. 30 minutes later I was fulfilling my appetite with a fresh Papa Johns pizza.

Here is a company that understands its target market, college students. They are a brilliant medium between customers and restaurants. Nick Moore, the founder of HungryBoiler, understands that our generation is technologically advanced enough to get great use out of a website that does ordering for restaurants. Whats more, HungryBoiler offers exclusive deals that are not found anywhere else catering to the average POOR college student. I will never pick up the phone and order food again. This website is convenient, informative, and offers me the chance of capturing the best deals on food. What a brilliant website and I encourage anyone to use it next time they want to order any type of food in the greater West Lafayette area.


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