Product Placement

I was currently watching one of my favorite Mike Myers movies entitled “Wayne’s World”. About half way through the movie Wayne held of a Pepsi, advertised it, and drank it. This notion was clearly mocking product placement in movies but it got me thinking. How prevalent is product placement in our lives. I would argue that we are incredibly influenced by this genius advertising method. When we see our favorite celebrities using certain products in our favorite movies, we are naturally inclined to follow their lead. Products brand themselves through product placement. Consequently, we brand ourselves through the product brands that we purchase. I think it is cool to drink Pepsi cause Wayne did it in Wayne’s world. We are constantly bombarded with product placement. It is now in everything we watch, we cannot escape it. 

I believe it is important to have a mind of our own and not let others decide what is cool for us. We are all unique and special individuals. Buy a product because deep down its what you want, not because it was trendy in a movie or your favorite celebrity has it. It is our duty as free American citizens to brand ourselves and not let corporate America do the branding for us.


Who Knew Chili Tasted So Good!

Yesterday I stumbled into the School House of Chili for the very first time. Upon entering I was instantly greeted by the owner himself. Dawson proceeded to tell me all about how they make their chili and what they offer. Friendly and outgoing, the owner really left an impression on me. Not only did he let me, but he encouraged me to sample all their different types of chili to see which one I liked the best. When I told him I didn’t quite have enough money to buy a meal right then he let me have one anyways and told me to pay him back later! I went there today to pay him back for my meal and due to his genuine kindness I purchased another. I was also given a NCAA Sweet 16 bracket to fill out to potentially win $500 or an IPad 2!!!

When I think of great customer service, my mind now races back to the instance at School House of Chili. This owner took the time to personally get to know me and sell me on his product. I’m not the biggest fan of chili but I can guarantee you I will be back to visit Dawson and School House of Chili. The lesson here is that customers respond extremely positively to genuine kindness. People want to be treated like human beings, not just another customer in the long line of customers. It goes a long way and I can guarantee you that with a good product to back it up, repeat business is inevitable. Image

Goodbye Beefy Crunch

I have long since enjoyed going to Taco Bell for one reason, their Beefy Crunchy Burrito. A soft shelled tortilla encompassing a perfect blend of rice, sour cream, Fritos, cheese, and of course ground beef. Such a delicacy and only sold for 99 cents! This delectable treat was the only reason I would step foot into a Taco Bell however once inside I would be tempted to purchase other things. However, as of yesterday they no longer sell my favorite item. Well Taco Bell, you lost me as a customer. The Beefy Crunchy Burrito enticed many more customers than I, whom upon entering the restaurant would eat a plenty and provide great business. I understand limited time offers, but I do not understand why they would get rid of the best item on their menu. Personally, it tasted the best and was among the cheapest. No longer will I drunkenly stumble over to Taco Bell, or stop there for a little after class snack. Getting rid of the Beefy Crunchy Burrito got rid of me as a customer. Hopefully, the fast food icon will realize their loss of business and bring back the ultimate burrito!


For those of you who don’t know, HungryBoiler is a consolidated real time menu guide catered to the West Lafayette and Lafayette area. While sifting through this website I was able to see all of the restaurants that were open as well as their contact information. It even allowed me the choice of cuisine to help narrow down my search. Today, I purchased a large Papa Johns pizza through this website for $4.50! The site gave me the opportunity to receive delivery or go in for takeout. 30 minutes later I was fulfilling my appetite with a fresh Papa Johns pizza.

Here is a company that understands its target market, college students. They are a brilliant medium between customers and restaurants. Nick Moore, the founder of HungryBoiler, understands that our generation is technologically advanced enough to get great use out of a website that does ordering for restaurants. Whats more, HungryBoiler offers exclusive deals that are not found anywhere else catering to the average POOR college student. I will never pick up the phone and order food again. This website is convenient, informative, and offers me the chance of capturing the best deals on food. What a brilliant website and I encourage anyone to use it next time they want to order any type of food in the greater West Lafayette area.


I recently shopped at WALMART to purchase my groceries. How convenient it was to find absolutely every item of food that I was looking for in a timely fashion. Every food category is specifically labeled and visible from anywhere in the store. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and eager to help you find and purchase their products. Whats more, there are over 15 different checkout counters to help customers purchase their items and be on their way. I walked out of WALMART having spent only $47.26 with enough food to last me up to three weeks! 

Here is a company that dominates the market share. As a consumer I am extremely satisfied every time I step into a WALMART store. They understand their consumers through their variety of products, convenience, and low prices. What better place is there to shop for a college student who is not used to grocery shopping. I always choose WALMART first to fulfill many of my needs.