“Have It Your Way!” my a$$

So against my normal routine, I ventured into a Burger King drive through this afternoon. Now normally I would always go to McDonalds to fulfill my fast food cravings, thus I decided to order something similar to the delectable McChicken. I settled on Burger King’s Spicy Chicken Crisp Sandwiches which were only a dollar. I gave the employee on the monitor one simple instruction and that was not to put mayonnaise on my sandwiches. As simple as this order was, it seemingly was too difficult for Burger King employees to comprehend. After waiting forever to get my meal, I pulled away as any normal customer should only to realize that both of my chicken sandwiches had mayonnaise on them! Disappointed with such a disgusting condiment placed on my sandwich, I returned to Burger King.  I went directly inside to get two correct sandwiches made for me. There was no line inside the restaurant so I was able to get two new sandwiches ordered in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, my replacement food was not made in that same timely fashion. It took another ten minutes for them to correct their mistake! I’m never going to Burger King again. MacDonalds is the way to go.

The Burger King employee had one specific task, not to put mayonnaise on my sandwiches. He failed to communicate this to his fellow employees which was frustrating enough. But the fact that when I returned to the restaurant to demand the correct sandwiches I was met with slow customer service is infuriating. One would think that as a Burger King employee, they would rush to correct there mistake and help get me back out the door quickly. Unfortunately this was not the case and now I will not be returning to Burger King anytime soon.


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