Longhorn Steakhouse

For those of you who don’t know, Longhorn Steakhouse is actually a great place to take a woman for Valentine’s Day. The restaurant is decorated brilliantly, the lights are dimmed and romantic, and the food is superb. So me and my girlfriend arrived at our table and were instantly greeted by our waitress, Kelly. She immediately got us started off with our drinks and brought them back to us in a timely fashion. She gave us a little while and was ready to accept our order when we were ready to give it. Our meals both came with a salad which was quickly brought to us after we ordered along with a basket of free bread! Our main course arrived about 15 minutes after which was amazing. I would also like to note, that throughout the whole dinner I don’t think mine or my date’s glass ever got beyond half empty. But that’s not the end of this enticing tail of customer service. After we ate I excused myself from the table and asked Kelly if she could put a Pandora charm that I had bought for my girlfriend in the dessert to surprise her. She was more than willing to help and found a very creative way to incorporate the charm into the dessert. Finally, Kelly was very prompt at getting us the bill, exchanging pleasantries, and thanking us for choosing Longhorns.

As a consumer I was blown away by how well I was treated at Longhorn Steakhouse. I would return their for the service alone. If only all restaurants hired people as passionate as Kelly. She was a phi-nominal waitress and certainly earned a big tip.


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